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Adrienne Palmer, DVM

Owasso | Veterinarians


While it sounds cliche, I have always wanted to be a veterinarian due to my passion for animals. As a small child, I spent my days doctoring my Dalmatian, Sugar, and bringing home stray cats and other animals from the neighborhood. I grew up watching Animal Planet and loved shows like Emergency Vets which showed both the highs and lows of veterinary medicine. I dreamed of being as compassionate as Dr. Knor or as comedic as Dr. Fitzgerald. Other television personalities such as Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin, also helped shape my love for all creatures and ignited my desire to work with exotic species, as well as dogs and cats. I spent my high school and college years rescuing and rehabilitating animals such as snapping turtles, rabbits, and squirrels. I als o volunteered at various rescues and the Tulsa Zoo in order to gain as much experience as I could working with all animals, including parrots, and various zoological species such as big cats, sloths, and various reptile species. Being the first in my fami ly to pursue a doctorate degree was daunting, but with the love and support of my family, I finally achieved my dream of becoming a veterinarian in 2019. Now, as I doctor, I find my fulfillment in spending time with my clients discussing how best to fill the needs of their furry, feathered, or scaled best friends. From new kitten/puppy visits, to saying goodbye to that family member who has been with them through everything, I want to guide my clients to find the best treatment options that work for their family.

Each and every day is different in veterinary medicine, which makes this job that much more rewarding. I have the pleasure of solving medical mysteries, inventing new treatments for exotic species, and watching animals who arrived at the hospital in critical condition leave with their families, now on the mend. While not every case has a happy ending, I strive to do my utmost for my patients and their families as we journey through life together.

When I am not caring for my patients, I enjoy spoiling my 4 parrots, Zoe, Riley, Lulu and Kiwi, as well as gardening, crafting, and spending time with my family and friends.