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Brad Walsh, DVM

Owasso | Veterinarians


My name is Brad Walsh — in the summer of 2024, I will have been graduated from Oklahoma State University and a practicing veterinarian for 20 years. In that time, I have gotten to know a multitude of different animals of all manner of species; I have had the pleasure and opportunity to treat them and learn about them. Most importantly, that has given me the chance to help people care for some of the things that are most special to them and their families. Everyday I get to see how truly special the human-animal bond is.

I have worked at SAHO since 2015 and have loved it ever since. We have a diverse group of veterinarians and staff from different backgrounds and the work environment here is very collaborative and supportive of one another. At SAHO, I get to work with a group of people that feels the same way I do about people and their pets and are committed to helping both. That is the way we can make the world a better place. I have my own family and pets at home (a wife, 5 human kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rats, and 1 bearded dragon), and I am also blessed to have a family at SAHO as well. I work a lot and I love it, but I also love spending time with my family, mainly doing anything outdoors if possible. Hiking and camping have become my favorite things to do outside of work.

I learned very early on in my career, even before I was a vet, that there is a person with every animal we treat and we have to take care of them also, partly because most dogs don’t drive and don’t get paid cash for the work they do, but I enjoy helping people as much as I do their pets. That has been the favorite part of my job all along — helping people. I have never been accused of being hurried, and I will gladly take that assessment as a compliment — I will always give people as much time as they need t o talk about what they need to or to answer any of the questions they have about their pets. If you come see me, you will have all the time you need.