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Megan Cobble, DVM

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“ Allie is my girl!!! ”

I am Megan Cobble, DVM, and Allie is my Kelpie-mix livewire canine companion that was a gift when my husband used to work on the road. In a span of five years, it went from mostly me and her taking on the world and our cows, to now …. my husband, me, two young children, Allie, and younger dog Lucy all trying to manage the chaos that is our home. She and I have weathered the many changes together! Some days she gets far less attention from me than she used to, but she continues to be so faithfully unwavering in her commitment to being my sidekick inside and outdoors, always musters the energy to go a little fu r ther even when farm life has made for a long day and is on constant guard for anyone coming down the drive. I could not ask for a better, more loyal friend!

Becoming a veterinarian was quite literally my 5-year-old self’s goal. In 2011, I graduated from Oklahoma State University and got to start living that dream! Even after many years in the veterinary field, it is that love, that comradery, that bond ( like what my Allie and I share ) that I want to help protect between you and your pet! I strive to treat you and your canine and feline companions like I want someone treating me and her. Sometimes the medical decisions that we encounter together are easy and sometimes they are extremely difficult, and I hope that our whole team can be a constant support for you and your pets along their journeys.